Pornography Website Pulls Our Heartstrings by Launching ‘Inspiration PornHub’

To show support for people living with disabilities, global internet platform Pornhub has created a new collection of “Inspiration” porn content. Found right between the “Insertion” and “Interracial” categories, the section contains various videos of disabled people doing ordinary things. If “Young Girl in Wheelchair Slowly Crosses the Street” isn’t to your taste, perhaps you’ll enjoy “Blind Man Manages to Order Drink at Coffee Shop” or “Four Disabled Friends Picnic at the Park.”

“In a world where so much of the internet is filled with sex and violence, we knew there was a demand for this type of content,” said a spokesperson for Pornhub. “Sometimes people don’t want a warm load of c*m to fill their mouth, they just want a warm load of hope to fill their heart.”

The initiative has become an immediate hit for the website, and has been particularly popular among conservative moms and religious viewers. Facebook user Barbara Jones posted, “Nothing gets me going like a glass of wine, a warm bath and a video of the hot cheerleading captain asking a disabled boy to prom.” Jones is one of many who have always enjoyed inspiration porn, but used to have to wake up early to watch it on morning news programs.

There has been a lot of discussion surrounding the success of the videos, but one smiling woman explained it best. “Getting to see people with such difficult lives participating in life like a regular person? It’s incredible. Just watching these special folks gives me goosebumps. To be honest, I’ve never been so wet, and I’ve seen a lot in my 20 years as host of ‘The Ellen Degeneres Show.’”

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  1. Been there done that, and made the website. You can even buy shirts! I think my logo turned out a little better. Funny read though, I really enjoyed it!

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