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Prepare to have your funny bone tickled this week (or if you’re Lis, your hand stabbed) as we welcome Steven Verdile, founder and Editor-in-Chief of the disability satire site, The Squeaky Wheel. We learn about how the site came to be and some of the challenges surrounding a satire site that centers on disability, as well as using humor to shine a spotlight on ableism and invoke social change.
We are ending the summer in style as we welcome Steven Verdile onto the show today. Steven is a New York City-based designer and writer, but he’s probably best known as the creator of the disability satire website The Squeaky Wheel. We talk about his approach to disability satire and humour, the funniest disability moments we’ve encountered recently, the Barbie movie and more.
This episode features RTP Executive Producer Imi interviewing Steven Verdile, founder of The Squeaky Wheel, a satire disability news site entirely run by disabled people!

Steven & Imi discuss the differences between healthcare and education for disabled people in the US and Australia, what the Squeaky Wheel does, why it is so important, how effective satire is as a storytelling device, and many other things!!
In this episode, we interview Steven Verdile, and we’re 100% sure he’s one of the funniest disabled people on the internet. He’s the creator of The Squeaky Wheel, the first-ever satire publication that focuses on the experience of having a disability. We’ve laugh-cried our way through so many of the articles on The Squeaky Wheel that we knew we had to get Steven into The Accessible Stall.
In episode 111, host Kevin Schaefer talks with Steven Verdile, a graphic designer and media creator from New York City. Steven is also the founder and editor-in-chief of The Squeaky Wheel, an online disability satire publication. He discusses living with SMA, working for NBC, and disability representation in media.
Some people fear disability and comedy. Not so our guest this month. Steven Verdile created the satirical website The Squeaky Wheel to create and publish funny stories with disability as a theme. 

Steven explains how the site came about, what inspired the name and how the growing team of writers write the material. An expanding and loyal readership means the site is thriving. It’s even been the answer to a US newspaper crossword clue.   
Episode 049 | Steven Verdile (The Squeaky Wheel) joins the podcast. Steven is the creator of The Squeaky Wheel, an online satirical publication designed by disabled people for disabled people. In this episode, Steven talks about the inspiration behind The Squeaky Wheel, his career in graphic design, accessibility challenges in the workplace, and more.