Disabled Telethon Children Share Inspiring Message (While Held Against Their Will)

Telethon child stars Bobby Macintosh, 11, and Sabrina Woodley, 8, have been warming the hearts of disabled and able-bodied people alike through their new series of uplifting video messages.

The video series, entitled “Spreading Completely Real, Totally Non-Manufactured Cheer,” has recently come under fire for its rather insidious origins, which involve the children being held against their will.

“I was waiting for my mommy to pick me up from school, and this man came up to me and told me how much he loved me in the telethons,” said Woodley, moments after being taken into police custody. “Then he told me he had something for me in his van.”

Macintosh was also kidnapped and forced, along with Woodley, to participate in the video series. He added, “We never figured out who he was. He always had scripts written for us, and told us to act extremely childlike, and to never stop smiling — or else.”

Both children are being closely monitored by authorities as they wait to be reunited with their parents. Police are hesitant to prosecute the perpetrator. “These kids are crippled anyway. What’s locking up one guy gonna do to make their lives better?” said Officer Jack Ashe.

The videos are extremely disturbing, and the messaging is even more eerie now that the world knows what was going on behind the scenes. “Hi, everyone!” chirps Macintosh as he beams at the camera. “Hello!” adds Woodley with fear in her eyes. The two quickly begin, in haunting unison: “Today we’re going to tell you ten reasons why we should all be glad to be alive!”

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