Epileptic Continues Reign as Passenger Princess

The term “Passenger Princess” has been making the rounds online as people share in the joys of being driven around by their significant others. Many have claimed the title, but we interviewed an epileptic woman in Texas who has found herself with no choice but to continue her reign.

Having recently had a seizure, Rebecca Lynns has taken a break from driving and passed the wheel over to her longtime boyfriend. Lynns will have no choice but to ride shotgun for the next few months at the very least. When asked if this was upsetting, she just laughed.

“Driving in downtown Austin is a constant battle, dodging drunk men on scooters and bachelorette party buses. Now all I have to do is drink boba, give wrong directions and mess up my boyfriend’s Spotify Wrapped!” said Lynns.

She’s also been experimenting with ways to make the passenger seat even comfier, including memory foam seating, heated blankets, cooling blankets, extra cup holders and a stand for her Nintendo Switch. 

“I firmly believe that relationships should be fifty-fifty,” explained Lynns. “He drives everywhere and I look cute without convulsing. It’s all about balance.”

When asked what he thinks of the arrangement, her boyfriend just smiled. “She does look pretty cute.”

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