How Having Lyme Disease Made Me Appreciate the Time Before I Had Lyme Disease

Living with Lyme disease has made me appreciate all of the little things in life — like the time before I had a chronic illness. 

When you’re sick, it can be a challenge to get out of the house often. So when you do, it’s important to show gratitude for all the memories that come crashing back in: memories of the time in your life before it took three days’ worth of energy to get some apples and cheese. 

My friends tell me it is so worthwhile to try to find the small joys in life, even if it just means getting out of bed or taking a shower. And yes, before I was sick I also found joy in warm beds and hot showers, with the added benefit that I wasn’t sick.

My life has been enriched in unexpected ways since my diagnosis. It’s made me realize how awesome it was when I could eat glutenous foods. A crispy croissant, a fluffy bagel. Ah, those were the days. 

I can’t change the fact that I have Lyme disease, and so instead I look for opportunities to practice acceptance. Like when I’m trying to f*ck my husband but we have to stop so I can rest or because my doctor’s appointment got changed. Instead of getting flustered, I just think back to the time when we could have long, nonstop romping sessions. 

Cultivating gratitude when living with a chronic illness is important. They say that expressing gratitude has positive health outcomes. So I hope the tick that bit me is well-fed and living its best life right now. 

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