Man Guesses He’ll Go Ahead and Do that Thing Woman Just Said She Could Do Without His Help

PORTLAND, Ore. — Local wheelchair user Kris Shaw has once again received unwanted help from a stranger after repeatedly telling the man she could pick her own phone up.

“It happens every time I drop my phone,” Shaw told us as the man bent down and flashed a dewy smile. “People assume I can’t bend down to grab things, even when I say, ‘I got it, no really, there’s no need, don’t worry about it, don’t, just leave me alone…’ and so on,” she continued. 

“I saw her drop her phone, and I couldn’t help myself,” said the anonymous man as Shaw tried to interject with another protest. “I had to swoop in from across the room and help. She said she could do it, but I thought I’d make her day easier because her life is already terrible.”

Common sense says if someone asks you not to help them, then don’t help them. But when it comes to interacting with disabled people, that common sense often flies out the window. 

“It’s like, why even ask?” said Shaw, rolling her eyes. “If you’re obviously going to do something anyway, what are we even doing here?” 

Shaw began to educate him on disability etiquette, but he seemed to think that was hard for her. So he told her, “Oh, you’re very welcome,” and walked away.

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