Opinion: You’re Not Disabled, You Just Don’t Have that Hustle Grindset Mentality, My Guy

It’s easy to understand why society has you thinking you’re disabled. After all, you have a bunch of medical problems and find yourself lacking equal access to basic necessities like housing and transportation.

However, this systemic oppression you experience isn’t because you’re disabled. It’s because you just don’t got that dog in you, ya know?

See, you just need a different mindset (a more typical one, neurologically speaking). Instead of thinking about how you can’t afford decent health insurance, just put in the hours to BECOME the insurance company, and suddenly you’re paying yourself hefty premiums for your own healthcare.

That big staircase might seem inaccessible to you in your wheelchair, but look at those people at the top of the stairs! How do you think they got there? It can’t be that ALL of them used the functioning legs their parents passed down to them.

I see a lot of people like you who seem to think they aren’t capable of working a full-time job just because they’re “currently in the hospital,” but me? I go into the office even when I’m actively sick. No virus, no matter how contagious, can keep a real honest worker like me away from my coworkers.

So pull up those bootstraps, and if your “disability” prevents you from bending over that far, that’s no excuse. You know who else can’t reach their own bootstraps? Little children, but I once saw a movie about a literal baby who became boss. He just finessed it like a real hustler.

It’s time to stop with the IBS and the ADHD and start with the NFTs and the IRAs. Trade those crip woes for cryptos, and instead of working through your spoons, make those spoons work for you.

You might think “handicap,” but I think “handiCAN.” And if handican? Well then so can you.

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