That Job You Didn’t Get Had Absolutely Nothing to Do with You Disclosing Your Disability

“We were so impressed by your interview, and your energy!” reads the email from the HR department. “And we know you have a bright career ahead of you! However, despite your academic accreditations in this exact field, the multiple years of relevant experience, your industry-respected references (who all had good things to say about you) and approachable personality, we have offered this position to a more functio qualified candidate, who has accepted.”

The email continues, “It definitely has nothing to do with management being unwilling to find ways to accommodate you. Don’t be ridiculous — we would NEVER! Our company? Come on! Look at all the diverse stock photography models we use on our website!

“Anyway, since we didn’t admit to anything, now you can’t sue us, nah nah nah nah booo boooo!”

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