This Disabled Woman Used Yoga and Positive Affirmations to Transform Her Crippled Body Riddled with Pain into a Mythical Creature with the Head of a Chicken and Wings of a Falcon (But Still Riddled with Pain)

Have you tried yoga? Corrine McNally did, and it changed her life. “As a disabled woman who experiences constant pain, people are always asking me if I’ve tried yoga or positive thinking. I finally decided to give it a try, and the results have been quite remarkable,” she says.

McNally started practicing yoga three months ago and noticed results right away. “It wasn’t a big change after my first class, but after about a week of regular practice I noticed some feathers sprouting out of my neck.” 

Now, as a full mythical creature, McNally says that yoga has given her more than she could have ever imagined. “I’m still in crippling pain, but my body has completely changed!” At first, all she was interested in was getting a yoga body: thin, flexible, sharp-beaked, etc. But as time went on, she realized it would change her life in so many other ways.

“When I first started practicing yoga, I was on disability and barely able to work due to the pain I was experiencing. But thanks to the changes yoga has made to my body, it’s transformed the way I see everything. I don’t need housing anymore, because my feathered body keeps me warm in all climates. I can hunt with my sharp talons, so I don’t need money for groceries. I’m still in crippling pain, but my new body provides for me in ways the government never did.”

Many people in the disabled community have been skeptical of trying yoga, but McNally proves that it really can change a disabled person’s life. For example, her instructors taught her to breathe in a way that is healthy for her lungs and allows her to exhale fire at her enemies. “It’s been a great tool for family members who ask me if I want to try a healthier diet,” she says. 

As for the biggest lessons she learned from yoga, McNally says, “It taught me patience. It taught me how to accept myself and how to turn a man into stone just by looking him in the eye. It even taught me how to regrow two heads if one of them gets cut off. It’s been life-changing.”


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