3 Summer Cocktails You Can Safely Drink with Your Medicine Because They’re Just 3 Different Flavors of Ensure

We know how it is. Your meds can’t be mixed with alcohol, and your days of playing “Should I test that safety warning label myself, just to see?” are behind you.

While all your friends are sipping piña coladas on a sunny beach, you struggle to find a fun beverage that is safe but still sexy. Nothing is as humiliating as ordering a “mocktail,” and you’re too old to be caught with a Shirley Temple in hand. Worry no longer, because we have three different drink options that say, “I can’t drink alcohol but I’m still having a hot girl summer.”

First is a classic: vanilla Ensure. Whether it’s bottled or canned, vanilla Ensure is a refreshing blast from the past. Its silky white contents spill out like the cool foam of the ocean’s waves, and it’s packed with 320 calories of pure summer flavor.

The second drink on our list is vanilla Ensure’s fruity little sidekick, strawberry Ensure. Strawberry Ensure was *the* pink drink before Starbucks even dared to steal that name, and it tastes a little bit like you dropped some melted Starbursts into a warm glass of milk. Does it taste good? Who cares? It’s so cute!

Last but not least is the most legendary summer beverage of all: chocolate Ensure. Break out your best bikini because this drink is THICK. Imagine hot chocolate but at room temperature and with a metallic aftertaste, and you’ll see why chocolate Ensure is the perfect refreshing summer sip.

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