Woman Enrolls in Braille Classes After Learning Hot Neighbor Is Blind

“Just look at him! Look!” she drooled, wiping ounces of saliva off her chin onto the sleeve of her jammies. “He is soooooooo H.O.T.”

Melissa Jung jumps out of bed and scrambles to the window. As the sun peeks over the mountains, Jung peeks through her curtains. It’s not the sunrise she’s waiting for. It’s Douglas Hampton. 

“Did he get it?” she wonders.

Jung has been learning Braille from the Hadley Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired since she noticed Hampton’s white cane and guide dog.

“They say the way to a blind man’s heart is to learn Braille,” said Jung. “I wanted to learn the basics. Important phrases like ‘I love you,’ ‘You’re hot,’ ‘Will you sleep with me?’ and perhaps once we’ve had the first date, ‘I want to have your babies.’ I don’t want to scare him off so quickly, you know.” 

She’s also bought a Braille label maker, a Braille slate for index cards and a Perkins Brailler.

“I made him a card inviting him to lunch with all my deets in Braille!” said Jung. “You know, things every guy should know ASAP like my favorite color, Instagram handle, my allergies, etc. The essentials!”

She parts the curtain and peers through the window again. Hampton picks up the card from the mailbox. He moves his fingers from left to right.

“Hmmm, those raised dots feel like Braille. Too bad I’m not part of the 10% who actually read it!” he chuckles to himself, then crushes and tosses the card aside before heading on his daily run with his guide dog, Garmin.

Across the street, Jung, unphased and used to rejection, immediately resorts to plan B. 

Sitting at her computer, she wipes off another drop of saliva and Googles “How to be a blind runner guide.”

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