Friends Planning Trip Debate Whether Blind Woman’s Annoying Personality Outweighs Her Fast Pass Perk

Theodore Williams and his friends were looking forward to their amusement park trip next week, but as they discussed their plans, Karen Monahan brought up an issue that had been weighing on her mind.

“I know we invited Sarah to join us,” she said, referring to their blind friend Sarah Murphy. “But I’m not sure if we should bring her. I mean she gets that special access pass ’cause she’s blind, and it’ll allow us to join the fast track queue. But she’s also really annoying, and I don’t want to spend the whole day listening to her complain.”

The other friends nodded in agreement. They knew what she meant — Murphy was difficult to be around at times. But on the other hand, her fast pass would allow them to join the shorter lines when the regular lines could take hours.

“I don’t know,” said Williams. “I think we should bring her. We can avoid her as much as possible and let her have her own fun. I want to go on as many rides as I can that day, and her fast pass is too good to miss out on.”

Monahan disagreed. “That would never work. We can’t split up or else we lose access to her fast pass.”

The group debated the pros and cons of bringing Murphy along on the trip. In the end they put it to a vote and, by a narrow margin, decided to uninvite her and exclude her from the trip.

They headed off to the amusement park without Murphy but immediately regretted their decision. Waiting for several hours in the heat to ride their first rollercoaster of the day, they heard a familiar voice walking by.

“Yeah, it’s too bad my friends were too busy to come today,” said Murphy as she walked with her new friends, who were much cooler, to the fast pass line. “Being blind sucks, but getting to ride the new rollercoaster for the fifth time today without waiting sure makes it a tad better!”

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