How to Say ‘I Swear I’m Actually Disabled and Legit Need Accommodations’ with Just Your Eyes

Everyone knows that workplaces are legally mandated to provide reasonable accommodations to those who need them.

But asking for accommodations is just SO humiliating, and nobody wants to be embarrassed when they’re starting a new job! Lucky for you, we have the perfect tips and tricks to get you everything you need without ever needing to beg for that dirty little A-word.

First, use your eyes. Well, just one of them. If your employer asks if you’re disabled and need accommodations, say no, obviously, but wink. Aggressively. In corporate culture (and in 1960s cartoons), winking signals that you mean the opposite of what you’re saying.

If that doesn’t work, keep the conversation alive by “accidentally” leaving behind some cute little clues. Pretend to forget your Adderall prescription in the conference room so you just HAVE to ask a coworker to go grab it for you. If they happen to read it and realize your diagnosis, oopsie!

If your employer is still oblivious after all the winking and misplaced items, you can always try asking for accommodations “for a friend.” This is totally normal, and the HR team definitely will believe you if you just say your friend works in a different office and that’s why no one has ever seen them before.

If all else fails and you do have to awkwardly disclose your status as a disabled employee, be sure to read our previous story, “5 Ways to Clarify You’re (Badass) Disabled and Not (Inspirational) Disabled.”

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