9 Handy Quick Tips for Staring at a Blind Person

  1. Start a conversation
    Blind people don’t bite. Well, they only bite at people who stare without saying a word. So if you’re staring, remember to start a conversation to prevent harm. Some creative starters include “Hello” or “Hi.” Or, if you’re really adventurous, try, “Hi. How are you?”
  2. Blink!
    Remember to blink often because, you know, dry eye. We know our dashing good looks are a sight for sore eyes. But just as you reduce eye strain by taking breaks from your computer, also take regular eye breaks when staring at a blind person. Our bedazzling looks might be exhausting for you.
  3. Compliment us
    Blind people like compliments as much as anyone. Tell us we look gorgeous or have a nice smile. Bonus points if you tell us we’ve got spinach in our teeth.
  4. Ask us a question
    If you ask someone with a white cane, “Are you blind? You don’t look blind,” we might retort, “Well, you don’t look stupid.” Instead, ask us our shoe size, how our day is going or even something as outrageous as our name. Anything else! And if you’re hot, please ask us for our phone number.
  5. Close your mouth
    Yes, we can be blind and use our phones! So it’s probably not a good idea to gawk with your mouth open. Gaping mouths aren’t a good look for anyone. We’re blind, but trust us on this one.
  6. Warm up with head rolls
    Remember to warm up! Do head rolls to strengthen your neck muscles. Don’t overstrain your neck as your gaze follows us down the street. And just so you’re aware, we know where we’re going; we zig-zag just to f**k with you.
  7. Play a soundtrack
    Award-winning movies have great soundtracks. So we recommend OneRepublic’s “Stop and Stare” to accompany your Oscar-winning “Best Performance in a Staring Role.”
  8. Let us know if we’re playing the staring game!
    It takes two to play the staring game. Count us in! There’s a good chance we have some useable vision, and we see you’ve got a head start.
  9. Show empathy
    We don’t choose to be blind, but you can choose to be empathic. Be kind to anyone who is different from you. Show kindness. Just don’t stare. And if you’d like to kindly buy us a fancy dinner or give us a million bucks, we’d take that too.

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  1. I am visually impaired. I love this! This is absolutely hilarious! I love this! This just made my night! Thank you!

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