Scandal! Leaked Security Cam Footage Catches Mannequin in Wheelchair Walking Around

Outrage erupted across social media after a leaked video showed a wheelchair mannequin standing up and walking around a JCPenney.

The clip shows that at 3:34 a.m. a mannequin wearing an argyle vest rose from their wheelchair, stretched, walked once around the men’s clothing section and then sat back down.

JCPenney, which has previously touted itself as inclusive to all mannequins, claimed that requiring mannequins to produce medical records would be a violation of HIPAA.

“It is not socially acceptable for mannequins to falsify their identity,” a statement from the American Society for Mannequin Equality read. “Why are we still putting able-bodied mannequins in wheelchairs?”

The employment rate for disabled mannequins is 43%, compared to 81% for able-bodied mannequins.

“Stores get away with hiring able-bodied mannequins and passing them off as disabled all the time,” said Model #X30283 at Macy’s, running their plastic hands over the wheels of their wheelchair. “So that inflates the employment rates, unless they’re amputee mannequins of course. Also, if you’re still reporting, there’s a sale on Bermuda shorts right now.”

The mannequin in the footage did not respond to questions, offering nothing but a blank stare.

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