This Autistic Woman Can Totally ‘Go with the Flow’

Terri Sanders is an autistic woman, but she is not like OTHER autistic women. She is hot, cool, and totally calm and collected. When her husband asked her if she wanted to change up their plans for not only the entire day but also the entire month, she was TOTALLY FINE with it!

She told us, “We are no longer going to dinner tonight, and I am making dinner instead? Totally fine. We are not going to the baseball game this Saturday and instead will be going to the zoo? Yes, those are essentially the same activity so it’s totally fine! For sure!”

Many autistic people hate when plans change quickly. The lack of routine and the immediate switch to a new activity can bring discomfort. But not for Terri! She’s not like REGULAR autists; she’s a COOL autist. Terri is totally fine if you completely change everything about her life, even with short notice of only 10 minutes! Wow! Terri definitely did not have a small meltdown in the car after a surprise phone call from her husband asking her to change plans! Definitely not! Terri is cool.

Because of Terri’s ability to adapt to “allistics,” she has a lot of friends. Terri has a message for other autistic people to help them maintain relationships and keep their friends: Just go with the flow! Be a little more okay with change! It’s easy! Terri does it!

If YOU are an autistic woman and you would like to speak to Terri to get expert advice on how to GO WITH THE FLOW, you can contact her Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST (but not any day from 12 to 1 p.m. because that is her lunch, and also not on federal holidays). Fun!

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