Woman Destined for Heaven After Handing Disabled Girl a Jar from Tall Supermarket Shelf

At a local Kmart, a jar of peanut butter sat high upon a well-stocked shelf. The Skippy brand snack was just beyond the grasp of Maxie Lincoln, who, even at full extension, could not reach the container. Just then a tall woman walked by, glancing at Lincoln’s struggle.

She asked, “Would you like me to get that for you?” to which Lincoln replied, “Yes.” At that moment, as she passed down the plastic cylinder filled with golden swirls of nutty goodness, the tall woman fulfilled her earthly mission. A warm breeze swept across her heart, and she began to radiate the soothing energy of an angel.

This warmth only grew stronger as she heard Lincoln utter the words “thank you,” and she replied, “You’re welcome, sweetie.” She walked away slowly, briefly turning back to smile, but then exited the store forgetting entirely why she was there. It didn’t matter, though. With that simple act of humanity, the tall woman proved to the universe that not only was she tall in height, but, deep down, she was tall in spirit.

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