3-Legged Veronica Cuddlemuffin Unable to Climb Podium, Accept Dog Show Prize

Despite the panel’s unanimous vote to award the gorgeous toy terrier with the grand “Best in Show” prize, Veronica Cuddlemuffin was unable to receive her award yesterday as it sat upon the top pedestal step. While the event host graciously waited for her to climb up to receive her ribbon, the three-legged pooch unsuccessfully stumbled in a series of flustered attempts.

After the embarrassing moment, Cuddlemuffin quickly ran backstage and was seen growling at her handler. It was clearly written in her contract that the event was fully accessible. “I couldn’t have foreseen this situation,” he told her, but that was not a satisfactory answer for this doggo diva.

She then began racing around the stage in a chaotic meltdown, ripping the second and third place ribbons off the collars of her peers and demanding her rightful moment to be crowned the victor. In an attempt to resolve the mishap, the first place ribbon was brought off the pedestal and placed within reach on the ground beside her.

As she sat next to it patiently, Cuddlemuffin made calm eye contact with the presenting judge. It seemed all was well at the dog show, until she urinated directly on the ribbon and skipped away gleefully.

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