Woman Down to Final Spoon Deciding Between Clipping Her Nails or Eating Dinner

Local freelance journalist Sarah Barb has had a long day. After a morning that seemed to go smoothly, she was hit with a sudden migraine and a new deadline for a tedious work project. 

Working through the evening on extra cups of coffee and Motrin, she found herself finished with her assignment at 7:52 p.m. The afternoon had flown by, and along with it went her energy. Now she found herself with just a single spoon left and had a difficult decision to make: whether she should use that energy to cut her fingernails or to eat a frozen TV dinner.

Her nails were getting kinda long, far longer than her preferred length, but she had been putting it off for days in favor of cooking meals and cleaning her bathroom. “Would waiting one more day even make a difference?” she thought to herself. It’s not like nails really grow that much overnight anyway.

The TV dinner, though, required an unnecessarily complicated preparation, and she wasn’t even feeling that hungry despite skipping lunch to make a quick trip to the post office.

All in all, both options seemed important, but neither was the final choice. Sarah’s digestive system had other plans, and it took each and every spoon she had left to handle them.

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