Amputee who Drew Turkey Hand with 4 Fingers Accused of Being Less Grateful than His 5-Fingered Peers

Students in Mrs. Charles’ class were instructed today to draw a hand turkey revealing five things they are thankful for. After Timmy Buck traced his left hand, which has only four fingers, it sparked some controversy at Colling Elementary.

“Look at Timmy being less grateful than the rest of us,” said classmate Rebecca Balmer. “He couldn’t even come up with five things?”

Timmy, however, argued the exact opposite. He said there aren’t enough fingers in the world to count his blessings. “I’m thankful for the nine fingers I do got!” he told us. “I wanted to do my right hand, but I just can’t trace good with the left, so I had to go righty and end up with this funky looking turkey hand guy.”

While Timmy used his meager four spaces to express thanks for his friends, family, dog and home, his more grateful peers used theirs to show gratitude for things like “TikTok,” “Roblox,” “the new ‘Office’ Funko Pop figurines” and “Doja Cat’s Cake.”

“He always seemed like a normal kid,” said Mrs. Charles. “But that ungrateful turkey hand he drew? That showed his true colors.”

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