Haunted Wheelchair Keeps Trying to Drive to Cemetery, Run Over Rodents

It seemed like a normal wheelchair, with two wheels, a seat and a bunch of overpriced parts. At least that’s what Erica Lynn thought at first.

“Nothing really seemed weird in the beginning, but within a week I could tell something wasn’t right.” Lynn received the chair from her local medical supply swap center, where disabled people can donate unneeded equipment for those who need it.

“It seemed like it was barely used, but sometimes it would just … resist. I could tell it didn’t like the directions I was moving in, and I could often feel a gentle tug in the opposite direction.”

One night the chair completely rebelled, throwing away all sense of subtlety and simply speeding away uncontrollably with Lynn still in it. “I started screaming, thinking it was going to roll itself into traffic or down a staircase, but it didn’t.”

The chair guided itself swiftly but carefully around its obstacles. Although it seemed to seek out birds and mice to squish, it was an overall smooth, but scary, trip. Where did Lynn, in her possessed chair, find herself?

Pinecone Cemetery, where the chair gleefully did spins and tricks like nobody had seen before. It was a dark ride to get there, but it seems the demonic mobility device has finally found its home.


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