10-Year-Old Teaches MasterClass for Adults on Communicating with Disabled People

In a new MasterClass, communicator extraordinaire 10-year-old Jeremy Dillon teaches adults how to communicate effectively with disabled people in just 12 lessons. In each 10-minute class, adults learn how to be respectful and kind, and to treat disabled people how they themselves want to be treated: like human beings.

“One time I asked this guy about his chair with wheels,” explained Dillon on the inspiration for the class. “I thought it was soooo cool but Mom freaked out, apologized to him and pulled me away. You’d think he was going to eat me or something ‘cause mom dragged me off so quickly. Mom was scarier than the guy.”

On another occasion, Dillon said hi to a woman and asked about her white stick. Dillon’s mother scolded him for being rude and rushed him off. “Mom seemed soooo embarrassed! I wasn’t picking my nose in front of her, I was just talking!” said Dillon with an eye roll. “Aren’t people who don’t say anything and just stare ruder? Why don’t adults just say hi? They’re soooo weird!”

Dillon noticed this is a common pattern with adults. “I just love that there are so many kinds of people in the world and I want to learn about the awesome tools they use to get around,” he said. “But every time people are different and I ask questions, adults just apologize to them and then haul me off! That’s why I’m teaching this class — so adults know it’s OK to talk to people who are different.”

Dillon joins an elite group of MasterClass instructors like RuPaul, Dr. Jane Goodall and Simone Biles. He covers skills including:

  • Saying hello
  • Making eye contact
  • Being nice

This MasterClass is for adults only, because kids aren’t awkward around disabled people. Stream classes anytime, anywhere, and learn to communicate like a child in a single binge, or learn at your own pace in bite-size pieces. Dillon will also have hands-on demonstration videos on how it’s done so you don’t f**k it up in real life. Register for the class today for just $180!

Students give this MasterClass an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars. “I used to stare at disabled people without saying a thing,” said Christopher Barker, 55. “Dillon taught me it’s OK to say hello and that they’re just like you and me! Who knew?! Every adult should take this class. It’s a life-changer!”

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