Department Store Celebrates Disability Employment Awareness Month by Hiring this Guy, Who is Definitely a Real Employee and Not Just a Stock Photo Model

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month. To promote the employment of disabled people, a local department store in Boston has hired this man, who is clearly an employee of their store and absolutely not a stock photo model.

“We love wheel — I mean, Wiliam. Yeah, that’s his name. We love William,” said coworker Eric Montero.

While we were told William was unavailable to comment on his new job, it seems he’s making quite an impression already. “He’s absolutely terrific, one of our best employees. Well … I mean not best, just like equal. He’s equally as good as our other employees. And he does work here, full-time, except he’s off today.”

Disabled individuals are unemployed at disproportionate rates in America, leading them to economic struggle and often poverty. Some blame this employment gap on poor accessibility standards, as many times job interviews and even applications can be inaccessible for disabled applicants. Others suggest it is a result of discrimination in cases where hiring teams ignorantly believe that disabled people are less qualified or that they will cause office disruptions.

Hiring manager Jan Wallace told us, “We’re always searching for disabled job applicants. We love them. They’re the best. I mean, it’s not like we’re specifically searching for disabled people. That’s problematic, obviously. Unless that’s a good thing? Or is that weird?”

We also reached out to store manager David Harper for final comment. He told us, “William? I don’t think we have a William. He must work at another location.”

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