It’s a Boy! It’s a Girl! It’s … Disabled? Gender Reveal Party Ends with Shocking Surprise

As soon-to-be-mother Kristen Gardener cut into her pregnancy reveal cake, she did not find what she was expecting. Blue candies began trickling out from the surprise center, but then pink ones began to fall out as well, and even a few that seemed purple. As confusion and chaos erupted, she realized there were small wheelchair icons on each, leading to a rather somber and awkward party mystery.

The bakery had been given a sealed envelope with the baby’s sex written inside, and was instructed to color the cake’s candy filling accordingly. The multicolored and cryptically coded chocolates, however, were not a part of the plan.

“What is going on?” remarked one of the guests. “Does this mean your baby gets special parking?” asked another. One guy just clapped.

As the equally disoriented Gardener searched for clues, she saw a note that the bakery had included with the delivery. It read:

“Dear Ms. Gardener,
When we opened the envelope you gave us, we could not find information about your baby’s sex. Instead we saw a medical report explaining that your child is potentially at risk for several minor medical conditions. Perhaps you gave us the wrong envelope, but still, we wish to congratulate you on your genderless baby who may or may not have a disability. We tried our best with the cake.”

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