Man Schedules Dialysis Treatment on Tuesdays to Enjoy Hospital Cafe’s Mediocre Taco Bar

Chicago insurance salesman and social media foodie Travis Sama was recently diagnosed with kidney failure. He decided to make the best of the situation by scheduling his dialysis treatments to be on recurring Tuesdays so he can enjoy the hospital’s “Taco Tuesday” special.

Sama frequently has appointments at Healthcare First Health Center and is quite familiar with the facility’s cafeteria schedule. “The pizza on Mondays is pretty tolerable too,” he told us. “But you don’t want to take chances with Friday’s surprise entrees. You might get lucky and get sloppy joes or lasagna, but there’s always that chance it’s Madeline’s infamous fish stick casserole.”

Tuesday’s menu is consistent at HFHC, and the taco bar is mediocre but reliable. “Guacamole, some crunchy shells … It’s perfectly adequate and honestly better than a lot of local restaurants. I’m not sure why but the pico is notably flavorful.”

When scheduling his next appointment, Sama was told Tuesday was all booked. He decided to go with a Thursday morning appointment, saying, “I don’t have to worry about the cafe menu if I’m going early. I can just get breakfast at the Au Bon Pain in the lobby.”

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