Emma Stone Cast as Helen Keller in New ‘Young Helen’ Sitcom

“This isn’t your grandma’s Helen Keller,” reads the tagline for the new series.

America’s sweetheart and asthma survivor Emma Stone has been cast as the 16-year-old version of the historic disabled figure in the new show “Young Helen,” which will begin streaming in December. The show promises a new look for Helen, and reimagines what her life would be like if she lived in 2021 and was rich and hot and not so disabled.

Pregnancy scares, high school hijinks, body glitter and recreational drug use are just a few of the topics you can expect to see explored in the teen comedy, but don’t expect it all to be that pretty.

“We’re using the show to expose the dark side of teenage life in 2021,” said the 59-year-old showrunner Brad Chadwick. “We’re also excited to integrate other famous disabled figures into the show, including a special episode where Stephen Hawking (Chris Pratt) and FDR (Daniel Radcliffe) help Helen with a creative scheme to raise money for their senior trip to Costa Rica.”

Stone captioned on her TikTok that she is “beyond honored” to portray such a legendary woman and that she is excited for the challenging questions her character must face.

“What kind of selfies would Helen take? Would she double text? How would she respond to her peers always liking her pictures on Instagram but never commenting? These are the questions I am interested in pursuing as Helen,” she said.

While it’s not your ordinary television show, we’ll be watching on December 1 to see if the show can deliver on its promise for a “Helen Keller that f*cks.”

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