‘No Kink’ Policy Debuts at Disability Expo, Attendance Drops

After much controversy, the Disability Expo officially moved forward with its new “no kink” policy, aiming to create a safe and age-appropriate experience for children and their families. While there was a small uptick in family attendance, overall numbers for the convention plummeted as many individuals expressed how they felt this policy was ruining the traditional erotic atmosphere of the beloved annual exposition.

Unhappy disabled folks took to Twitter with their feedback, including user @Hotwheels69, who tweeted, “Kink was the only thing I enjoyed about the expo! Are you telling me I’m supposed to see a fully accessible Dodge Caravan on display WITH HAND CONTROLS, and NOT get aroused?”

Another dissatisfied attendee wrote, “To ban kink at this event is unnatural. I demand to test that Jaco Arm in the way God intended.”

Among the angry online audience there was one mother of three who was happy with the new rules. “I FULLY support the ban at the exposition,” she posted. “For years my disabled children have been wanting to attend, but there is no reason my 17-year-old disabled daughter needs to know what sex is.”

When asked if, given the low attendance, the expo plans to keep the policy in effect for the event next year, a spokesperson told us, “I think it’s quite possible we’ll have to reconsider the kink ban. When you look online, the disabled people have spoken and, well, to put it frankly: They are f*cking horny.”

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