OLAY Sends Strong Message About Inclusivity with New Easy-Open Lids: Disabled Community Needs to Moisturize

Desert tortoise leathery-skinned disabled people can rejoice. OLAY recently launched its first-run, limited edition Easy-Open Lid for its moisturizers to show the company cares about disabled people with dry skin. Disabled people can finally have the hydrated skin they always dreamed of now that they should be able to read and open the special lids, according to OLAY.

In OLAY’s press release, the company stated 15% of the world’s population lives with a disability, and those people are often excluded from the beauty industry. The accessible lids are free, but, at $38.99 for a jar of OLAY moisturizer, it might seem like a good idea to stay excluded.

“We met with consumers with a wide range of disabilities, and the consensus was disabled people just want to have smooth, plump, wrinkle-free skin to help them forget their disability and pathetic life,” said Peter Laret, Senior Vice President of OLAY. “We felt that if able-bodied people can pay top dollar for a cream, disabled people should be able to do so, too. It’s all about inclusivity and equality and all that stuff, and nope, not at all about us making more money.”

Laret says the lids aren’t patented because accessibility is for all. He also says other companies should be jealous of the media attention OLAY is getting and should copy the idea to show off their own commitment to inclusivity.

Consumers so far are a bit confused. Roughly 90% of the 1.3 million legally blind people in the United States don’t read Braille, and Marissa Winters is one of them. “I thought those Braille dots were an artsy-fartsy logo!” she said. “Apparently, they all say ‘face cream’ on them. How the heck does one know if they’re micro-sculpting or brightening their face?”

Before you head out to grab one at the store, be advised that they’re only available online. “Disabled people shouldn’t be seen outside with raisin-dry skin!” exclaimed Laret, horrified. “It’s hard for able-bodied people to deal with. Like, okaaay, do we focus on your wheelchair or your parched skin, white cane or your wrinkled-dry face? It confuses us; we can only do one at a time.”

For those interested in trying the lids, they are limited, so load up your carts fast! These limited-time-only accessible OLAY products are perfect for those disabled people with limited-time-only disabilities.

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