Spotify Unwraps Millions of Mental Illnesses as T. Swift and Adele Lead ‘Top Artists’

Numerous leaders and mental health organizations have advocated for breaking the stigma and talking about mental health, but nothing has been more successful than the Spotify Wrapped feature.

Mere hours after the long-awaited year-in-review music feature dropped, millions of listeners revealed their truths: Behind every smiling IG selfie was six hours of streaming “Easy on Me” by Adele on repeat.

“I actually thought I was doing pretty well this year,” said one listener, who wished to remain anonymous. “And then I saw I was in the [top] 0.05% of Taylor Swift listeners, and that’s when I realized my seasonal affective disorder was hitting hard.”

You can convince your friends, family, therapist — heck, even yourself — that everything’s swell, but you can’t lie to Spotify.

When Wrapped revealed that all five of local teen Meg Hiser’s top songs were just “That Funny Feeling” by Bo Burnham, Meg realized they were in dire need of developing better coping strategies.

Spotify declined to comment, but Dr. Laura Listling, a licensed therapist, issued a public plea: “If your Spotify Wrapped aura was mostly just the color blue and described you as ‘yearning’ and ‘emotional,’ you should maybe, definitely consider going to therapy.”

Or, you know, you could just listen to Adele’s “Hold On” for the 340th time.

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