Ticketmaster Requires Users to Find All 6 Infinity Stones and Defeat Thanos to Acquire Accessible Concert Seats

Following the chaos that ensued after millions of fans fought to acquire tickets for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, Ticketmaster added extra measures to make it even more challenging for users to purchase accessible seating options. Now, any concertgoers who are disabled or wheelchair users must gather the six infinity stones from across the galaxy and use them to defeat the Mad Titan Thanos before they can buy tickets.

Ticketmaster issued the following statement regarding this decision: “Given that there are only a few dozen accessible seats at venues for 20,000 people, we believe that only people with superhuman capabilities and fierce determination should be allowed to have these seats. If someone can gather all of the infinity stones from across the galaxy before Thanos does and use them to stop the Mad Titan from wiping out half of all living things, then they can purchase an accessible seat. But the fees remain.”

Despite the enormous weight of this task, Ticketmaster said it will give users the tools to succeed. Anyone who accepts this challenge will receive a super soldier serum, a replica of Iron Man’s suit, the hammer Mjolnir, and their very own Quinjet. However, the Quinjet is not designed for passengers to remain in their wheelchairs while flying.

If anyone actually succeeds and is named Earth’s Mightiest Disabled Hero, Ticketmaster plans to launch other initiatives for disabled customers.

“Once Thanos is defeated, the next challenge will require users to destroy the one ring to rule them all in the fires of Mount Doom. However, Mordor has some major accessibility issues.”

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