Your Friend’s Improv Show Is Fully Accessible, Unfortunately

Three years of seemingly harmless white lies just came crashing down on Alice Hill. After years of assuring her friends she would totally, absolutely come see their weekly three-hour-long amateur improv shows if only the events were accessible, the unthinkable has finally happened. 

Somehow, the ragtag, low-budget group of local comedians managed to add an ADA-compliant ramp and an accessible bathroom to their ancient, falling-apart theater. 

The news was broken to Hill over text using a lot of bad puns. One wrote, “We’re really RAMPing up our comedy nights!”

Another said, “We know you’re not much of a stand-up girl, but now you can give improv a try!”

Staying true to their improv roots, the troupe took a real “Yes, And” approach to accommodations. 

“You installed a ramp?” Hill asked, filled with equal parts disbelief, appreciation and dread. 

“Yes AND, we’ll have live captions,” the group enthusiastically replied. 

“I make a lot of access requests,” Hill said, “and I didn’t think they’d actually follow through. I figured it was harmless.”

The situation left Hill contemplating the odds of a potential chronic pain flare-up that weekend.

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