Woman with Sensory Issues Becomes Fashion Icon After Changing Outfits 5 Times a Day

With New York Fashion Week coming to a close, there’s one rising icon who has left designers and fashion icons alike enthralled. After she was spotted in 35 different outfits over the span of just seven days, many were left to wonder: Who is this enigma who’s suddenly become the new face of high fashion?

“In just one week this unnamed woman has made me question everything I know about my art,” said designer Alfredo Luca. “When I saw her she was stopping at a bodega, draped in the largest sweater I’ve ever seen and carrying three blankets of varying textures. Thirty minutes later she was spotted in running shorts and a T-shirt! Who is this woman?”

Model Karly Siga came in contact with the icon at a crosswalk. According to her, the woman was wearing the same plain T-shirt from earlier, but two sizes bigger.

“What kind of mind thinks of that?” said Siga. “And her walk — almost entirely balanced on her toes — puts her in a league of her own. I tried to catch up to her and ask who she was wearing, but her ears were covered by both a beanie and chic noise-canceling headphones. Now that’s elevated street style.”

Luckily, the speculations can finally come to an end. The rising star has been identified as Sam Tiller, a woman with sensory issues. 

Tiller sat down with us and explained. “I change so many times because when I go to the bodega, I don’t like it when the fridges are cold, but when I go outside it’s hot and I want to wear my comfy shirt. Then my brain will decide that my comfy shirt is actually the worst thing in the world, so I have to start all over again. Don’t even get me started about shirt tags!”

Even so, this looks like it’s just the beginning for the fashionable sensory star. She’s been signed to debut her own collection next year, with leaked plans for a weighted blanket ballgown. 

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