Man Using Wheelchair Incredibly Validated by Small Child who Told Him, ‘I Like Your Car’

While on a trip to the post office today, 48-year-old Gerald Carson was approached by local kindergartener and Paw Patrol expert Kaiden Willis, who told him, “I like your car.”

Carson was not using a car, but rather a wheelchair. It seemed that young Willis was unaware of the difference, but that didn’t stop Carson from experiencing a noteworthy boost to his recently fading self esteem.

“I understand that the young fella didn’t really understand my chair, but regardless, it feels nice to be complimented. I just spent two hours yesterday scraping debris from my tires to make my chair shiny, so to hear those kind words — it really hit close to home.”

Carson went on to explain to the boy that his chair is a mobility device that helps him move since he cannot walk. With deep fascination, Willis replied, “Oh,” before sprinting away in pursuit of a nearby pigeon.

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