This Cool Assistive Robotic Arm Automatically Slaps Weird Strangers who Tell Wheelchair Users ‘Don’t Get a Speeding Ticket, Kiddo!’

DETROIT — Entrepreneur Dave Hopkins announced the launch of a new robotic arm earlier this week through his company Combat Ableism Inc. While other assistive devices have been created to help disabled people live more independently, Hopkins hopes to take things to the next level with this new model. The Anti-Ableist Arm automatically slaps any individual who uses the phrase, “Don’t get a speeding ticket!” when talking to a wheelchair user. 

Hopkins issued this statement on his company’s website: 

“There are other robotic arms and assistive devices that have been game changers in terms of allowing disabled individuals to perform more physical tasks independently. However, I recognized that something was missing when I realized that people still had to put up with (expletive) who use the phrase ‘don’t get a speeding ticket!’ Now, instead of having to tell these (expletive) to screw themselves several times a week, the Anti-Ableist Arm automatically slaps these (expletive) for the customer. We’ve worked with a top team of engineers to make this development possible.” 

Christina Berry, a physics teacher in Charleston, South Carolina, is thrilled about the features of this arm. Berry has Duchenne muscular dystrophy and has used numerous assistive devices in the past.

“This new model changes everything,” Berry said. “I just got the speeding ticket comment from some guy this morning when I was crossing the street. I can’t wait to use this arm on him the next time I see him!”

Hopkins is excited to see the impact that this will have on the disability community. “We tested out the arm’s slapping capabilities on an SSI employee last week and it worked great!”

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