‘CODA’ Aims to Showcase Authentic Disability Representation at the Oscars, but Once Again an Octopus Is Scheming to Stop It

“CODA” has made disability history this year by becoming one of the first films starring disabled actors to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture. The film, featuring multiple deaf actors including Oscar-nominated Troy Kotsur, hopes to bring some accolades to the disability community after last year’s Best Documentary Feature nominee “Crip Camp” lost to “My Octopus Teacher.”

Again, however, one creature (and eight slippery limbs) stands as an obstacle in the path to victory for “CODA.” We sat down with an ableist cephalopod and asked her about her plans to steal the spotlight at the upcoming awards show.

Q: Hi, Octopus. We’ve heard that you’re scheming; is this true?
A: While I cannot confirm or deny any scheming or plotting, let’s just say that Marlee Matlin probably won’t be visiting an aquarium anytime soon.

Q: Well that’s … an answer. Some would say that after your monumental win in 2021, the octopus community had their moment on stage and maybe it’s time for a new underrepresented group to shine. Would you agree?
A: How many octopus can you name? Zero? Exactly my point. There is still work to be done. Also, that was my mother who won last year. She has passed and I am here to carry on her legacy by upstaging the disability community. 

Q: I’m sorry for your loss. I’m sure your mother would be proud of your passion, but I can’t help but feel that your heart is misguided. Have you even seen “CODA”?
A: I literally have nine brains and a lifespan of three years. Do you think I would spend even 90 minutes of my precious life watching a sappy family movie just because it is “uplifting” and “nice”?

Q: Oh, um, OK. Do you have any last remarks for our story?
A: Tell your readers to tune in to the Awards this Sunday. While I can’t promise any aquatic hijinks, the future is determined, and the fate of “CODA” is … written in the (squid) ink. 


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