Woman Having a Pain Day Is So Sad She Can’t Come to Your Gender Reveal Party. She’s Devastated, We Swear. Here’s a Picture We Drew of Her Crying

Emotional tragedy struck 32-year-old Sandra Waterloo this weekend when a chronic pain episode meant she couldn’t go to a gender reveal party she totally, definitely wanted to attend. 

“There’s nothing that I love more than a party announcing a child’s genitals, where the threat of a forest fire or fireworks accident may devastate an entire community. It’s just a shame that my disability decided to flare up on that exact afternoon!” Waterloo said, verifiably sad and filled with regret.

Instead, Waterloo tended to her medical needs by resting on the couch eating food that was neither pink nor blue, with no fear of imminent explosions or constant misinterpretation of the word “gender.”

When asked how Waterloo felt about missing social events due to her disability, she said, “I try to just respect what my body needs, but it’s hard when it’s stuff you really want to participate in … uh, like this party for sure! Thankfully they covered most of it on the news when the parents accidentally blew up their car announcing that it was a boy. Whew!”

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